Filament Made in Austria - Extrudr

Filament Made in Austria - Extrudr

Extrudr is an Austrian company.
All their filaments are manufactured in the EU.
The filament itself is produced in Vorarlberg, Austria. The spools are sourced from Italy and the colours from Germany. The packaging is also produced in Austria.

High Precise Laser Measurement Control

The filament diameter is measured 20,000 times per second by a sophisticated laser micrometer with a precision measurement of 1 micron.
This offers perfect use for virtually any 3D printer.

Extrudr Filament Tolerances:

  • Diameter +/- 0.05 mm
  • Roundness +/- 0.05 mm

Research & Development

Extrudr develops new intelligent and innovative materials and colours to expand the range of applications for 3D printing technology. Moreover, there are strict quality controls and extensive pressure tests with each new batch of the filaments.

Material & Colour Quality

Extrudr makes no compromises. The brand exemplifies quality and sustainability. The materials used are sourced from certified suppliers, quality controlled and 100% new. Extrudr uses intensive and non-toxic colours for perfect printing results.